SKF Speedi-Sleeve

Pris på forespørsel

Speedi-Sleeve reparerer en slitt aksel og lager en glatt flate klar for å montere ny simmerring.

This thin-walled sleeve [0,25 mm], developed by SKF, is simply pushed in position over the worn area,
providing a counterface surface that is optimized for radial shaft seals.

There is no shaft disassembly or machining involved and costly downtime is minimized. Since the same sized seal as the original can be used, there is no need to search for other seals, or keep a stock of different sizes. No special equipment is required since the installation tool is supplied with the sleeve. A mallet and a pair of pliers are all that is needed for the installation.

Size range

The standard size range covers sleeves for shaft diameters from 11,99 to 203,33 mm. Depending on production quantities, non-standard sizes can be manufactured. Each sleeve is designed to fit a specific shaft diameter range, usually above and below the nominal shaft diameter. This permits some flexibility to accommodate variations in the actual shaft diameter.

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