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The SKF Grease Gun LAGH 400 is ideal for usage in agricultural, industrial and construction industries and for private use. The grease gun is equipped with a filler nipple and air-release valve for easy re-filling by filler or grease pumps. It can also suitable for usage with grease cartridges. The ergonomic design for one handed operation, the flexible high pressure hose and the possibility to mount the hose in both horizontal and vertical position makes this grease gun very versatile and easy to use.

  • Easy to use with only one hand
  • Refillable: grease filling nipple and de-airing valve allow filling up by filler or grease pumps
  • Heavy duty: Operating pressure up to 300 bar (4 350 psi)
  • Flexible hydraulic hose can be bent and mounted horizontally or vertically on the grease gun
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