SKF Hakenøkkel HN 5-6

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The SKF Hook spanner, size 5 - 6, is designed for easy tightening and loosening of lock nuts. They are used to secure and adjust bearings on tapered journals, adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves.They fit on a variety of lock nuts with outer diameter(s) 38 - 45 mm. To be more specific for locknuts: KM 5, KM 6, KMK 5, KMK 6, KMFE 5, KMFE 6, KMT 3, KMT 4, KMT 5, N 05, N 06 and M22x1,5, M24x1,5, M26x1,5 (DIN 1804).

  • Optimised design allow use in narrow spaces while maintaining maximum force
  • Sturdy plastic handle that is oil, dirt and grease resistant to provide a better grip
  • Drilled hole for easy hanging storage
  • Laser-engraved designation for easy identification
  • They fit on a variety of locknuts with outer diameter(s) 38 - 45mm
  • Available as part of the set HN 4-16/SET, supplied in a handy tool case
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