SKF Høytemperatur Fett/Grease 400g patron

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SKF LGHB 2 kulelagerfett/grease

SKF bearing grease LGHB 2 in 420 ml cartridge

SKF LGHB 2 is a high viscosity, mineral oil based grease, using the latest complex calcium-sulphonate soap technology. Formulated to withstand high temperatures and extreme loads, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in cement, mining and metal segments. This grease contains no additives and the extreme pressure properties arise from the soap structure.

  • Excellent load capacity, anti-oxidation and corrosion protection even with large water ingress
  • Withstands peak temperatures of 200 °C (390 °F)

Typical applications:

  • Steel on steel plain bearings
  • Pulp and paper making machines
  • Asphalt vibrating screens
  • Continuous casting machines
  • Sealed spherical roller bearings operating up to 150 °C (300 °F)
  • Work roll beaings in steel industry• Mast rollersnof fork lift trucks


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